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MW Markets

Your complete trading solution

MW is a leading Forex and CFD provider. Since 2006 we have been at the forefront of trading innovation and we compete to be the leading global provider of trading solutions. At MW, we offer all the tools you need and help you to realise your investment goals, from our powerful investment platform and flexible accounts to our talented client service team.

We understand that each client has various needs and different views. By serving our ever growing customer base worldwide, we are learning new things every day. The combination of our expertise together with our deep local knowledge in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East enables us to offer an internationally minded service with a broader and more interesting range of investment options.

We employ our collective intellectual capital, profound local knowledge, product expertise and wealth of experience to provide our partners and clients with a complete trading solution.

Live prices

Instrument Sell Buy
Euro vs. US Dollar 1.27990 1.28015
US Dollar vs. Chinese Yuan 6.1402 6.1502
US Dollar vs. Indian Rupee 60.83 60.86
US Dollar vs. Russian Ruble 41.040 41.060
Gold vs. US Dollar 1246.28 1247.28
Gold vs. Euro 948.42 949.71

Prices are indicative only. To see the tradable prices login to the MetaTrader.